This is still a work-in-progress with illustrations and text roughed in to get the story going.
The frames are presented in storyboard fashion to provide a cinematic feel.

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Nanyang The Movie – a pre-visualization of chapter 1


To the south of China lies this vast and timeless land that the Chinese call Nanyang, or the Southern Ocean. The region encompasses all the waters and lands of southeast Asia, the Malay archipelago and beyond.

Since ancient times the Chinese have sailed the seas of Nanyang in search of the vast riches that is the stuff of dreams. Many have become fabulously rich, others paid with their very lives. Through their enterprise great cities have sprung up linking peoples of many skins and tongues through their common desire to trade. It is in this romantic setting that my story unfolds.

“Nanyang” tells of two brothers Seng and Hock who, separated during a shipwreck and after many twists and turns in their lives, eventually come face to face on opposites of the law.

The outcome marks the turning point in their journey from boys to men.

In telling this tale, I myself have embarked on a journey of a thousand miles. This little video says I have taken the first step.

Best viewed full screen and with minimum 2.1 speakers on.

The saga continues online at:

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